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About us About us
FTS Futures Trading Systems proposes last generation Trading Systems realized through the use of Adaptive Quantum Algorithmic Technology. The proposed Trading Systems operate successfully generating Operational Signals suitable for the following listed instruments Futures,Cryptocurrency,Currency.Generating clear signals of Entry and Exit in any market situation be it bullish or bearish.

Why should you choose us 

Futures Trading Systems represents today a point of reference in the World Trading Systems galaxy proposing to its Private Clients and Traders a structured service using Adaptive Quantum Algorithms applied to the proposed Trading Systems guaranteeing High Performance Levels in any market phase generating Very High Level operating signals.
Futures Trading Systems generates operational signals suitable for the following listed Instruments Futures,Cryptocurrency,Currency.That can vary from a period of a few days up to capturing the entire trend in progress, be it bullish or bearish through easy and understandable signals suitable for private customers and traders.
FTS Advisor Consulting is a personalized service that we provide to Traders and Private Clients holding a Stock Portfolio,Futures,Cryptocurrency,Currency.And they want to get a custom strategy to close best open positions through a custom analysis performed through our Adaptive Quantum Algorithms. The report is sent in Pdf format directly in your email. Dear customer for more information about this particular service contact us without commitment.
Futures Trading Systems operates with thirty years experience on the main world markets with serious precision punctuality in the sending of operational signals and in the continuous Implementation of Adaptive Quantum Algorithms an Indispensable support for a Highly Profitable and Stress Free Online Trading activity resulting from overtrading that often causes outstanding and useless losses.
Futures Trading Systems assures Its customers Trader a constant and profitable service by sending Operational Signals via Email based on the selected subscription Plan.

Past performance is not indicative of future results. The hypothetical benefits (such as the results of the retrospective tests or the expected benefits) do not reflect the performance of the actual accounts and are not intended to guarantee future results. Differences in the size of the account, timing of transactions and prevailing market conditions at the time of investment can lead to different results and customers can lose money.